Butterscotch & Bourbon After Shave Balm

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Elevate your post-shave routine with our Butterscotch & Bourbon After Shave Balm. Crafted with meticulous care, this balm combines the soothing properties of Roman

Embrace the wild and invigorating spirit of Sauvage with our After Shave Balm. Infused with Roman Chamomile to soothe skin irritation, Manuka Oil to prevent infections, and Jojoba Oil for moisture, this balm is a post-shave essential. Its carefully curated blend ensures your skin remains smooth and revitalized. The distinguished aroma of Sauvage lingers gently, offering a touch of untamed elegance. Crafted with pride in New Zealand, this 100% natural balm epitomizes sophistication and comfort.

Chamomile, the protective benefits of Manuka Oil, and the moisturizing touch of Jojoba Oil. Designed to reduce skin irritation and prevent infections, this balm leaves your skin irresistibly smooth. The delightful blend of butterscotch and bourbon creates a subtle yet sophisticated aroma, ensuring you enjoy a gentle lingering fragrance long after shaving. Experience the essence of indulgence with our 100% natural balm, proudly crafted in New Zealand.

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